Dan Kemp - Holding On

from by Nunatak records

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From Dan´s album Holding On
There's been a search for freedom as long as there's been man
and since there's been oppression there's been those who make a stand
but through all the injustice there are those who still believe
that people can live together in peace and harmony

so keep holding on
it's darkest before the dawn
we'll welcome in a bright new morn
as we keep holding on

and there have been rebels as long as there's been kings
folk as free as birds before those who clipped their wings
people who died on their feet instead of bend the knee
and refused to wear the yoke and iron chains of tyranny

so you comrades of Wat Tyler, friends of Thomas Paine
of Sparticus in ancient Rome the CNT in Spain
The Diggers of St. Georges Hill, Ned Ludd and Captain Swing
Who fought throughout the ages, to hear freedoms bells ring

and they infiltrate, co-opt us or their armies crush us down
but there are always more of us to rise up from the ground
and we will never give up, cos we know we're in the right
and one day we just might, win this fight


from Nunatak Records Comp vol. 1, released February 14, 2017




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